Welcome to the eduTrac SIS plugin repository. Here, you will find free and quality tested plugins that you can install in order to extend the functionality of your eduTrac SIS install. If you are a plugin author and you would like to have your plugin included in the repository, fill out the Plugin Submission form. Make sure your plugin meets the requirements below.


As a plugin author, you will benefit greatly from including your plugin in the repository. Here’s how:

  1. Establish yourself as a developer who knows and understands eduTrac SIS which will make you highly marketable.
  2. You will have access to the author dashboard where you can see the download history of your plugin(s).
  3. User’s can review your plugin.
  4. A forum will be available for your plugin in order to provide support


  1. Your plugin must be compatible with the GNU General Public License v3, which is also the license that eduTrac SIS falls under.
  2. Your plugin must not do anything illegal, be morally offensive, collect user’s personal data or phone home.
  3. The plugin must not embed code or text without the user’s permission.
  4. It must be open source and not encrypted or obfuscated.

If you already have a Support Center account, then you can log into this site with the same credentials. If not, click here to sign up. Once you are logged in, fill out the Plugin Submission form. Make sure to include a detailed description of your plugin and include a zipped file of your plugin as well.

Once your plugin is approved (about 48 hours later), a new page will be available to you on this site where you will be able to start set up the page and upload your plugin for inclusion in the repository.